APCF Roadmap

Goals of APCF as an open research platform on collateral development

The APCF as a “brainstorming” platform where experts can exchange their views and find a way to achieve the goal of gaining global recognition for Asian bonds as prime collateral
Possible research topics:

  • Importance of securing regional prime collateral base for capital market development and financial stability
  • Current status on the global collateral map and the fragmented eligibility criteria
  • Revision of collateral eligibility criteria: Inclusion of ASEAN+3 government debt securities
  • Utilization of newly discovered collateral: Collateral transformation
  • ABMI TF Meeting and agreement on criteria by government authorities
  • Reinforcement of capital market integration and confidence
  • Sustainable growth
  • Availability of secure and stable funding
  • Mitigation of the challenges associated with the problem of “capital flows uphill” and collateral shortage
  • Provision of liquidity
  • Restoration of investor confidence