31st ASEAN+3 Task Force Meeting to be held in Japan
April 19, 2019
[APCF Joint-Seminar on December 19, 2019] Central Bank’s Collateral Framework and Monetary Policies
October 31, 2019

[Jointly organized with APCF] 32nd ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum (ABMF) and 19th Cross-Border Settlement Infrastructure Forum (CSIF) Meeting

□ Date: October 17-18 2019

□ Location: Shenzhen, China

□ About the meeting:

The ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum (ABMF) is an organization that is consisted of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) plus the People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea—collectively known as ASEAN+3—under the Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI). The Forum is the only regional platform of which actions and recommendations are reported to the ASEAN+3 policy discussion. It functions to integrate the ASEAN+3 markets through standardization and harmonization of regulations and market practices as well as market infrastructures relating to cross-border bond transactions.

The 32nd ABMF will be organized jointly by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Forum plans to discuss:
• Recent development of Chinese Exchange Bond Market
• Green bond: how can we develop the ASEAN+3 market practices?
• ABMI updates
The 19th Cross-Border Settlement Infrastructure Forum will be co-organized by Asia Prime Collateral Forum. Thus, it will be an open forum to ABMF participants. The Forum plans to discuss cross-border collateral and repo in Asia.

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